Lawerence Lady Boss | KRYSTAL DENHAM


Meet Krystal Denham, the owner of Free State of Mind SUP Yoga. Free State of Mind SUP Yoga is LFK's ONLY Mobile Yoga Studio. Offering SUP Yoga, Neighborhood Yoga, Workplace Yoga, Private In-Home Yoga, & The Yoga Membership, Monthly Virtual Workshops & Summer SUP Workshops & FREE LIVE Yoga Topics (selected by students) on FB & IG, with playbacks available on FB, IG, YouTube & Our Website Every Week.

Over their first "OFF SEASON," Krystal completed the Yoga Alliance requirements advancing her to Experienced Yoga Instructor & after trademarking Board with Yoga® she developed Board with Yoga® SUP Yoga Teacher Training (begins May 29, 2021). In February 2021 we became a Woman Owned Enterprise Certified by the State of Kansas & celebrated 1Year in Business.

What is your goal for the next year?

TO EXPAND! With the development of Board with Yoga® SUP Yoga Teacher Training, we are on the search for SUP Yoga Teachers for THIS SUMMER. We are expanding our SUP Yoga drop locations this season and plan to increase our fleet size. We continue to petition The City of Lawrence to launch at LFK's Community Pond, Sandra J. Shaw. We are awaiting COVID-19 to phase out to continue our work with The City. We launched Neighborhood Yoga Fall 2020 & in our warmer Kansas months, we partner with local businesses & home-owners associations for public classes and private SUP & Land Yoga. We are seeking out local business & entities for Workplace Yoga.

Who has influenced you the most?

Myself, but yesterday's version, influences me the most.

What one piece of advice do you give to other business owners?

Create multiple streams of Income in your business.

When you are not working, what are you doing?

I am a mom & wife. My hubs & make up a ginormous blended family of 7. We love to cook, ride our bikes and frequent Downtown & the parks. I love my yoga practice & dancing and spend the workdays alternating between them & working.

What Lawrence hidden gem do you recommend everyone checks out?

Mud & Lotus Outdoor Soaking Tub
Sandra J. Shaw Community Pond

If you could change one thing about your business, what would you change?

I would have started sooner!

Krystal adds, "Please consider signing our petition for Sandra J. Shaw Community Pond. Allowing Free State of Mind SUP Yoga to provide services using the community pond will facilitate keeping the business (and economic impact) within city limits, and ultimately, provide an avenue to keep The Free State Yoga Festival within city limits as well.


Find Krystal on Facebook and Instagram at @boardwithyoga. Visit Krystal on the web at