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Meet Erin Wolfram, the owner of Career Advantage. Career Advantage is a career and job search consulting business. Erin helps people with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, mock interviews, and website and portfolio development. Erin also assists with college and scholarship application materials. "I work with clients to help them identify their strengths and accomplishments and represent those unique qualities to help them rise above the competition." Erin also has a Workwear Wednesday blog where she chooses one piece of clothing each week and shows different ways to wear it to work and help inspire people to be more creative with the clothes they already own! "I have worked in career services for 15 years and love helping people achieve their career goals! Our jobs play such a huge role in our quality of life and overall happiness, and it’s really fun having an impact on that."

What is your goal for the next year?

I have a collaboration with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America in which I provide services for their members. My goal is to establish a similar partnership with another professional organization.

Who has influenced you the most?

I have a great group of peer mentors that I met through two leadership development programs: the Management & Leadership Institute and the ASPIRE Program. All of us have a background in career services, and we serve as a great support group for each other. I would say the relationships I have with these individuals have influenced me the most. My husband is also extremely supportive and has given me the courage to step out on my own!

What one piece of advice do you give to other business owners?

Take advantage of all the opportunities available for you to get involved in the community and network, especially when you are just starting out as a business owner. Lawrence offers so many great groups (like this one!) and networking opportunities that help you make new connections, share information about your business, provide and seek guidance and support, etc. I am so grateful for these groups and the amazing people I have met thus far. If an introvert like me can do it, so can you!

When you are not working, what are you doing?

Lifting weights, eating, or meal planning/prepping! Aside from Career Advantage, I am also an online personal trainer and nutrition coach through my business The Fit Advantage (, so my own training is a huge part of my life and has been for years. 

I am also obsessed with true crime and am typically listening to the Small Town Murder podcast.

What Lawrence hidden gem do you recommend everyone checks out?

I know this isn’t just “one” hidden gem, but I would say the local wineries! When I’m not working or lifting weights, I’m visiting these “hidden gems” and actually just started a blog with my friend Linny to highlight them and encourage others to visit them too. They are the perfect place to visit for a fun day out! I have really been enjoying Trivedi Winery lately, which is just north of Lawrence. Our blog is We actually refer to the wineries as “hidden gems” in the blog! Even if you don’t check out the blog, please check out the wineries!

 If you could change one thing about your business, what would you change?

Currently, there is one employee…me! I would love to have enough income to have a few other people to help with the work and to bounce ideas off, work through issues, share successes, etc.

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