Lawrence Lady Boss | TYBA KHAN


Meet Tyba Khan, an abstract painter. Tyba finds inspiration around her from little things to big things and turns them into a painting. "I work towards creating a masterpiece that one can relate to." Tyba has a home studio and is always working with clients to deliver her best work. What is your goal for the next year? I want to work with renowned artists in the USA to celebrate art in all its forms. I want to work with small businesses who focus on artwork as well as; be a part of exhibitions to display my work and connect with people. Who has influenced you the most? My journey has been tough yet rewarding and I have always found a way to express my self indefinitely through my paintings and I want to do the same for other people too. I find inspiration in everything, from our tiniest emotions to the biggest ideas, from nature to City and every artist. What one piece of advice do you give to other business owners? Never make money the driving force behind your work. Find purpose and fall in love with what you do, money will come itself. When you are not working, what are you doing? Reading some good fiction. What Lawrence hidden gem do you recommend everyone checks out? Natural history museum & Spencer museum of art. If you could change one thing about your business, what would you change? I am pretty happy with where I am today but if there was something I’d like to improve then that would be to connect with other artists and learn from their journey. Find Tyba on Facebook at Tybakhan_artgallery and on Instagram at @tybakhan_art. Find Tyba on the web here.